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 Dreams my bartender taught me and other stories of old Fort Lauderdale

History has been described as being like a mountain. What it looks lke depends on the location from which you view it. If this is the case, then few people have had a better spot from which to gaze upon the history of Fort Lauderdale and south Florida that has Philip Weidling.

Phil, or “Junie” as he is often called by old friends, came to Fort Lauderdale as a boy of seven in 1912, just a year after the city was incorporated. His father was Carl. P. Weidling, Sr., one of the town’s first attorneys. Except for his college years and military service in the Second World War, Phil has lived here ever since.

In this collection of recollections of Fort Lauderdale’s early years, Phil recreates the more sedate lifestyle and the personalities of a bygone era. He is able to make the history of Fort Lauderdale come alive with details of everyday life and the idiosyncrasies of its citizenry.

Phil Weidling has seen it all. Dreams My Bartender Taught Me is proof of that.


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