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The Importance of Our Mission

The FLHS believes that a sense of history is fundamental to understanding human experience, and therefore, collects preserves and shares material from our community's past, so that present and future generations can comprehend more fully their predecessors, their community and themselves.

With education as the primary focus, we offer public lectures and workshops; publish teacher resource materials; arrange school and general group tours and activities; support scholarly research through significant research assistance; maintain a 1907 house museum and three other 1905 historic structures, and a museum of changing and permanent exhibitions, and operate a research center that has functioned uninterrupted for fifty one years.

Mission Statement

Fort Lauderdale Historical Society brings the stories of our diverse community to life through educational experiences, cultural exhibits, research, and preservation for future generations.

The Need for the Study of History

In August 2005, Washington Post columnist David Broder wrote about a hearing convened by Senators Lamar Alexander and Ted Kennedy to air their concerns about what they called "U.S. History: Our Worst Subject?" Alexander reported that, "according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, commonly referred to as 'the nation's report card,' fewer students have just a basic understanding of American History than have a basic understanding of any other subject which we teach including math, science and reading." Alexander added that our children don't know American history because they are not being taught it, noting that the Florida legislature had recently passed a bill permitting students to graduate from high school without taking a single U. S. history course.

The Fort Lauderdale Historical Society focuses on teaching history. We use local history as a microscope for learning American and world history. For, example, we can show the impact of national events such as the Great Depression and other economic developments such as the expansion of railroads upon a community. We can demonstrate what the World Wars meant to a community and what courage individuals found in themselves and what sacrifices that families were called upon to make. We bring history home, close and personal. The Society's Fort Lauderdale History Center and its museums provide a wider window to the world for the 3,000 students who participate in our programs and for all of the adults and families who come here each year. While they are learning local history, they also are absorbing the values and cultural attributes intrinsic to the American experience.


  • To serve as stewards of the region's heritage in an ethical, responsible manner.
  • To preserve and protect structures, collections, resources and rights of all donors.
  • To establish a focal point for Fort Lauderdale’s current historic district encouraging protection and positive productive use of structures in the area.
  • To build interest in, and understanding of, the community through innovative exhibits, educational activities and community events.
  • To inspire a greater appreciation of the fore bearers who discovered and built this unique region and to increase awareness of history we build our future upon.

Core Objectives

  • Develop a comprehensive marketing and communication strategy to build community awareness.
  • Develop the necessary financial resources to operate the Society on an ongoing basis.
  • Expand the Society’s membership and other support groups to increase advocacy efforts of the Society.
  • Create a historic attraction that offers exciting educational experiences, draws thousands of visitors and will create awareness of our history.
  • Maintain, protect and preserve our historical buildings, artifacts and archives.
  • Develop and implement annual events that create high visibility to raise funds for the Society.
  • Create major and long term donor base for future growth and sustainability.
  • Renew and review the long range plan to reach the Society’s vision.